Man Shape Guest Blogger - Sir Peter Fleming

Hola my fellow interweb peeps.  As you will all know by now, your regular host of this site of delights will soon be starting her adventure.  In the meantime, I am very proud to be asked for a fourth time to make a very small interjection within these pages.  I hope you enjoy!

Having had my favourite man scent be discontinued on me & a number of short term affairs, with some less than adequate scents, over the last few years, I now hope my search is over.  Having lost myself within the lanes of Brighton over the last Bank Holiday, I happened upon Pecksniff's.  The name certainly rang a bell, albeit a rather small one, until I remembered that this company had supplied the bathroom accoutrements to my favourite of all mini hotels: The Black Rock House in Hastings.

I boldly strolled in to be confronted by their new man shape collection.  The writing atop the tester jars gave some indication of the nasal pleasures contained within.  Stylish.  Sensual.  Romantic.  Elegant.  Provocative.  Sophisticated.  Active.  Energised.  Refreshed.  Daring.  Exciting.  Individual.  Charismatic.  Powerful.  Sexy.  [phew]  I settled upon Loden (described as Classic, Masculine, Relaxed) & entered into negotiation with the assistant, as to the possibility of choosing more appropriate words to describe myself!?

As some of you may remember from an earlier post, I have been in search of both new wrist jewellery & a hat!  I am pleased to announce that I have had some success on both counts!  The range pictured, from Links of London, hits the spot, when funds allow they will be an early purchase.  The other gift to ones self on the list is a new hat.  The appearance of the sun has necessitated a head covering, due to 'Ginger Skin'!  I have chosen this rather fetching number from Brixton, the aptly named 'Grand'.