What a conundrum...

I think that everyone should have at least one precious piece & I am thankful enough to have two!  Two beautiful Mulberry bags.  The first was a 21st gift & the second I purchased when I was twenty three.  Unfortunately, the statistics do seem to indicate I wont be getting another one until I'm twenty five...Hmmm...

I introduced The Ex to The Mulberry & he now owns a few pieces, along with a lot of Hugo Boss, which I also lovingly introduced him to.  Isn't it annoying when you put so much effort into people & then someone else benefits from the spoils.  I'm sure The Replacement thinks him rather debonair & the height of sophistication...If only she knew...(Bitter, me!? Non!)

Is it wrong that every suitor goes through a makeover in my mind beforehand?  Most probably, however, I think it's definitely something most woman do.  Or maybe I just tell myself this to put off the thought that perhaps I am just a little bit on the peculiar side.

I do think though, although one's dress sense is a direct reflection of one's personality, there is always room for tweaking, without completely killing off one's individuality!  A bad shoe here, a poor accessory choice there (when will men learn, rosary beads only look good on woman of the church!), it doesn't take much to put a woman off a man, believe me.

Men should accept woman's tweaking, they mean well & let's face it, when all's done & dusted, he'll move on to someone new & most likely hotter (a new wardrobe is a clear indication of a step up on the hot scale, surely!) & she'll move onto her new project.  Ah, we do love a project.

Perhaps the real question men should ask themselves is, if she's looking at me, is it 'cause I'm hot to trot, or simply in need of an image overhaul?

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