All good things come to an end

I've come to the conclusion that due to unemployment & the subsequent late nights, I have unset my body clock & am now completely incapable of going to bed at a reasonable hour & rising before noon!  Which is going to be somewhat troublesome, as I need to be up bright & early tomorrow for my official moving day!

After less than eight months in the Wells, four poorly made relations with men shapes & some ups & downs, the time has come for me to start again...again!

Goodbye Lava Bar, with your reasonably priced cocktails & delicious tempura.  Goodbye P&P with your familiar crowd & impossibly packed dance floor.  Goodbye Topshop, only a mere walk away.  I shall miss you all.

I have 99.9% packed & yet, my room still seems so full.  Twelve HUGE boxes & four bags, how can there possibly still be more!?  Moving is defo hardcore!  But at least by this time tomorrow I shall be reunited with Mr Piggles!!!  First thing I'll do once I've arrived is give him a BIG ol' hug!  Second is pop up the Christmas tree!  I may get round to unpacking at some point in time.  Probably would have been wise to have labeled the boxes, but y'know, I thought about it & then...At least this way it'll be like unpacking roulette.  Which is obviously more fun!

During my tying up of loose ends, I went to pick my post up from the old abode (clearly didn't do a great job of tying those ends up the last time) & amongst it I had a card.  Was obviously hoping it would be the first of many Christmas cards, but alas no.  It was a card to wish me well on the first anniversary of my dad's death, from the Hospice.  Cheers, would of been nicer if you'd have sodding spelt my name right!

On a better note, all this packing has made me forget to eat, so the diet's going well!  May even shift a few pounds, before I lovingly put it all back on over Christmas.

Outside of moving, I am off to see Johnny Flynn with Ellie on Saturday night in Brighton, which should be good.  Also rather excitingly, just booked tickets to see Everything Everything, who are performing at the Forum in the Wells on the 15th of January!  A snap at £8.00!

I'm off to get some chocolate...

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