Well, this little laydee has found herself a bluebird!

Finally ventured out of my hole thanks to Ellie, who spontaneously decided to come rescue me.  Checked out the yocal establishments & was pleased with the results.  Had ourselves some wine, got ourselves some Sheesha & finally met some men shapes!!!  Wooop Wooop!

I was impressed in my inebriated state, however, I am reserving judgement in the cold light of day.  It's hard when someone's hot to trot, but one mustn't allow oneself to be fooled by good looks...& decent kisses...

Now that the time of celebrating my homeboy Christ has come to an end, I think the Christmas coma must also be brought to an abrupt conclusion.  The time for organisation, vague early starts & some job hunting is on the cards!  I will not rest until I have secured myself a decent, wardrobe rejuvenating income, dag nab it!

In the meantime, it'll be catching up with Pretty Little Liars (I have Viva after all!) & snuggles with Mr Piggles!

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