My house will be a home!

When it comes to the roof above your head, it is irrelevant as to what size or style, however, the contents are very much important.  Although most men see decorative accessories as bits of annoying tat, I myself see them as the little crack fillers that give four blank walls some personality.

After forcing myself out of bed this morning, (lethargy is a bitch), I decided to re-invigorate this very impersonal space.  In fact, the more I cleared, the bigger the house seemed to become & suddenly I realised, we NEED more furniture!!!  Not that I need an excuse to go shopping!  Now, just to find some money...

I have decided upon French grey for my bedroom walls.  I think my cerise pouff will look magnifique next to it, even if I do say so myself.

Oooh, I must confess I had a McDonald's today for the first time in an age & went straight for the festive menu!  Oooh lala.  Mère & I got one of each & split them, so we could have full impact value.  Both were ama-ziiing, but the Chicken & Bacon was suuuperb!!!  Scrummylicious!  Defo a recommendation!

Upon checking up on the availability of the Mulberry jumper for Mr Piggles, (very disappointingly, they have now sold out of the M & L!  Bad times), I came across the most b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. shoes in the world!!!  If only I had £350 to casually spend...I could always pimp myself out...

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