New year, new resolutions to break

Ah, the dawn of a new year!  I have actually decided that I really like New Year's Day, or at least the day after...Yeah, we'll go with the 2nd of January!  New Year's Eve is always a killer.  There's always such high expectations for the night to be incredible & let's face it, it not always is.

New Year's Day is the new New Year's Eve, so all celebrations will now be held on this day.  The 2nd of January is now the new New Year's Day.  This is due to the fact that all celebrations will now be put firmly behind us & we can concentrate on what it is we may actually wish to achieve in the new year.

This brings in the New Year's Resolutions!  These can be made on the 2nd of January, but never enforced until at least the 3rd!!!  What would be the point in enforcing them any earlier, when you are blatantly going to break them shortly afterwards!  Therefore, you at least stand a fighting chance after the 3rd!

So, I have been thinking about what my resolutions should be & I have come up with the following:

Resolution Number 1, You can never be friends with exes, so stop trying!  It's a well known fact that men & woman struggle to be 'just friends' & this is only further complicated if you have actually bothered to exchange feelings & fluids at some time or other.  I say, just don't bother!  There are plenty of other men (or woman) out there you can choose to be friends with, trust!

Resolution Number 2, Mr Shady is right kids, drugs are bad, mmm'kay!  There really is a limit to my love & my dear friend Mandy & I have had our ups & downs, but I really think it's time for her & her friends to, well, do one!  I'm gonna be a clean freak from now on, if my body's a temple, it's the frickin' Taj Mahal!

Resolution Number 3, Think it's actually time for me to consider looking after myself.  Y'know, maybe get a little exercise (what's that, Mr Piggles wants a walk...), maybe swap the biccies for a salad...The usual really.  It also wouldn't hurt to get my hair did or my nails done.  I'm looking like a throw back over here!

Resolution Number 4, Definitely top of my priority is to get...a...JOB!  It would be rather influential to Resolution Number 3 me thinks.  After nearly three years, I'm going to actually have to force myself to update my CV!  Talk about a drag man!

Let's just be thankful it's still only the 2nd, I got me a nap & some choccy biccies waiting.  Booo Yeah!

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