When we talk, we talk & when we rant...

Yesterday was one of the longest days of my life!  No lie.  After arriving late for work in Canterbury (time keeping was never my strong point), a blizzard decided to break out & after watching its progress for just over two hours, my manager finally decided that maybe she should send everyone home.

Not only did it take two people to push my tiny auto-mobile out of the carpark, it then took me two hours just to get down the road.  After about three hours I got a phone call from my manager to say everyone else had made it home a-okay, which really didn't help my dwindling enthusiasm, as I had traveled all of about three miles.  By the time six hours had passed & after not having eaten or drunk anything all day, I was starting to question my overall ability to get home & maybe a few tears attempted to gather in the corners of my eyes.  But I held back, if not for the fear of dehydration.

The agonising journey was only made worse by the passengers from the cars ahead of me popping off to get Maccy D takeaways!  Bastards!  Due to me being alone (all alone), I was unable to abandon ship & run towards the nearest festive menu!

By the time I got within about five miles to home, I was finally able to (vaguely) put my foot down.  I've never been so grateful to be able to drive at twenty five miles per hour in my entire life!

Nine & a half hours it took me to drive the twenty mile journey home.  All I have to say is that snow is satanic & should be destroyed at all costs!

Most importantly, it pin points the complete & utter failings of the British Government & its inability to budget!  Come on Cameron, Clegg, other countries seem to survive just fine when the Devil's work falls upon its streets, but we as a nation, fall apart & come to a complete standstill!  More money needs to be pumped into prevention, rather than a cure.  Not that you've done much towards that either!

On another level & far from the bane of snow, I have recently been witness to some FB abuse in regards to this blog, from, what I can only describe as, ignoramuses.  It is laudable considering the intellect of these individuals.  Their idea of fun is mastrobating over a game of COD.  I'm surprised they could actually understand half of what I write, well, maybe with a dictionary to hand.  Well, well done you.  I'm happy that your FB comments have made your day.  I shall avoid further ranting by the successful deletion & blocking of you.  Job done.

On a lighter note, I have actually been rather productive this afternoon (why rise before twelve!?).

Not only have I successfully written & posted all of my Christmas cards (lovingly adorned with exclusive Mr Piggles stamps), but I have actually bathed Mr Piggles (with the help of mère, his attempts at escaping are so unnecessary)!  He may pretend not to like it, flaring him paws out at acute angles whenever nearing the bathroom, but once in, I think he secretly enjoys it.  At least he now looks & smells so fresh & so clean clean!

I have also been reunited with my love of Peep Show!  I have fully caught up-to-date with the whole of series seven today whilst continuing the painting of my bedroom (you see, I have been productive!).  Literally love that show!

God bless 4oD & BBC iPlayer, that's all I can say!

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