Bonne Annee mes amis!

So, the end of the year is nigh & thank ferigno for that!!!  I have come to realise that my Christmas cheer has died a miserable death & along with it, all hope for the holiday season in general.  I shall not be looking forward to NYE, in fact I shall be celebrating on New Year's Day instead.  Celebrating the beginning of a new year, which will hopefully be better than the year before, which was considerably under par!

To save me from myself, I have been savouring Uffie's album, Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans, as recommended by Ellie, via Hous of Belles.  Its electro beats have been filling me with a mild glimmer of hopefulness.  I'll be pumping it into my car on the two hour ride to Brighton tomorrow.

To add insult to my self-inflicted injuries; You know it's bad times when Mulberry let you down!!!  Mr Piggles' jumper arrived today & talk about disappointment!  Not only was it a friggin' vest (I ask you!), but it wouldn't even fit over his head!  A chihuahua would struggle to fit in this thing!  Ruined my stylish snuggle dreams.  [small tears]

Let's all hope for better things come the 1st of January.  'Cause I certainly will be...dag nab it

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