The price of being a bum

I arose this afternoon from my pit with the feeling that, yes, I am now one of the great unemployed!  It hadn't quite hit me until now, as, due to the snow, I wouldn't have made it into the office in any case.  But now, the sky has cleared to blue & the streets are once again visible & the realisation that I am now without a job has begun to hit me!

Late nights, afternoon wake up calls & a consistent intake of sugary goods...Things could go horribly wrong.  By the time I actually get myself new full-time employment, I could be obese!

Another thing about being a bum is the fact that if you're not working, it turns out, you're not earning either!  Who'd have thought!  Clearly not I.  Although I may not be stressing about Christmas, as previously mentioned, gifts were thrown out of the window a few months ago, I am rather concerned about my wardrobe!

As I am of the female variety, one of my everyday thoughts & main concerns is the cloth that straddles my bare naked body.  No matter how many clothes, shoes, general accessories you may have, you will never have enough!  As with my childlike face, everything ages & any new outfit will soon become old hat, last season, outright boring.  Therefore, a monthly top-up is necessary!  But with no job & therefore no money, my wardrobe is going to suffer hardcore!  I really didn't think this through...

To occupy my time & distract me from my wardrobe hell, I shall be reconnecting with my love of musik.  I've already gained new love for Chromeo (ooo), not least because David Macklovitch is hot to trot, but also because, y'know the electro beats fill me with small bubbles of joy.  Don't Turn The Lights On & Needy Girl possibly being my top two favourites.  I recently saw them live at the Roundhouse in London with Ellie & they were ama-ziiing!  Had the pleasure of meeting A-Trak as well (name dropping, who, what, me?), who was also looking rather dashing. On another level, although I'm not a huge Ellie Goulding fan (stop throwing things at me...please), I have been recommended The Writer (oooh, I wonder why) & I'm loving it, so it's defo being pumped into my daily playlist.

I think the time has come to start thinking about maybe having a shower, putting some clean clothes on & avoiding the Jeremy Kyle saga...Well, I'll start thinking about it...

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