The mind boggles

It's very difficult to actually motivate myself to look for a job I know I don't want!  However, France requires me to suck it up & get myself some income.  It's only for six months, that's what I need to remind myself of.

Plus, once France has been achieved, I will then have the time & ability to search for something spectacular to partake in on a daily basis.  Unless I happen to find some amazingly well paid part-time work!  Oooh er, just imagine!

As referenced in my previous post, I gave up trying to do the ordinary & decided upon taking the path less traveled.  So I gave my full-time job up, without one to replace it (risky) & have returned from whence I came!  Back to mère & Mr Piggles!

Let's see, what are my passions in life, things I might actually enjoy being paid for...Well firstly there's writing.  I think that's a given.  If Perez Hilton can become substantially wealthy & well known from writing a blog, well dag nab it, so can I!  (She says, losing followers by the day...)  Plus, he's not even grammatically correct in most of his posts, which only drives me wild with contention, so much so I've stopped reading his blog altogether!

Then there's the interior design aspect.  I mean, what's not to love about upholstery & wall coverings!?  If it didn't require training then that would be superbangtidy!

Baking ama-ziiing looking & tasting (does help) cakes & shizzle.  Nothing better than whipping up some banoffee cupcakes when the call of the sweet tooth (fang in my case) calls!

Oooh, maybe I could open the faboosh tea room I've built up in my head!.  I mean, this could include all three hobbies: I could write the menus (that counts, right?), design the interior & then obviously bake the cakes!

Now, would this be in England (quintessentially English tea room, florals & cup cakes) or France (white distressed furniture & croissants).  Decisions decisions.

However, I'll probably get to France & they'll all dislike my English sensibilities & inability to speak the language correctly, even after two years of evening classes...

Such are the choices I must face in life & it's such a hard life one does lead!

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