'Tis the season to be...miserable?

Somewhere along the snow edged lines, I have completely unutterably lost my Christmas cheer!  Perhaps it is the lack of gift giving & receiving, or the fact that I am miles away from 'home', but I feel as though Scrooge & I are merely separated by a chromosome or two.

Mère & I were propelled to finally indulge in the Christmas food shop this evening & by God, it's hard!  First off, hunting down a goose at this late stage is très hard, clearly preparation is key!  We did, however, manage to find one, but it was absolutely ginormous & exceptionally expensive.  Clearly didn't think this whole thing through.  As it is just the two of us for Christmas this year, (lonely, who, what, me?) it did seem extortionate to spend over fifty pounds on a gargantuan bird!  We also have family friends who have a pet goose, Gordan (I named him myself, no lie!) & so I felt a little bit guilty looking down at this plucked, wrapped, deceased relative.  Perhaps next year.

Although, I have now made the decision that I shall be spending Christmas & New Years Eve 2011 in Paris!  Whatever happens, I am determined to save up (once I actually have employment again, obvs) & go to my parisienne neighbours to celebrate the festivities.  England is clearly not providing me with the festive cheer I so require.  You would think that the snow would somehow be a plus point, helping to create this picture postcard effect, however, it just seems to be a mega pain in everyone's arse!  I for one shall be quite happy when it finally decides to bugger off!

I would like to think, come the New Year, that I shall at least attempt to be a more organised, healthy living individual, although I expect spending New Year's Day at Ministry with Ellie & our ol' friends James & Jas from Simian Mobile Disco, will not help to get the year off to a clean living start.  Hmmm.

I think I need to obtain new full-time employment sharpish!  One's grooming has gone so far down hill, it's rolled into the next town!  Not only did I have to relinquish my nails, resulting in my new ten year old boy hands, but the brows have lost their shape too.  In fact, in a bid to rescue at least one thing, I decided to do my roots & although I used the same ash blonde as before, my hair is now somehow darker!  I ask you!

Not only do I need a cash injection pronto, but I clearly need a beauty one too!  By the time I get to France, I'll already look like a native with growth in places there definitely should not be!  Oh woe is me!  My pitiful state is only worsened by Ellie's increasing transformation into the UK's version of Kim Kardashian!  She's the only person I know who wears four inch heels to the garden centre & damn it, I admire her for it!  Despite working an average of three days a week, I do not have the enthusiasm or energy to be that groomed, even if I might wish to be!

I'm off to stain some wood...Oh what a glamorous life I do lead!

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