Vintage aspirations

I have managed to locate a vintage shop down the road from me, however, my attempts to shop there have been scuppered, as every time I get within the vicinity of it, it is always closed!  It saddens me muchos, as just looking through the window, I have already spied a gorgeous fur hat in a soft blush hue.  I'm hoping, due to the location I reside in, it wont be expensive.

I have, in my avid quest for vintage furniture & accessories, found some amazing websites, which sell a great array of things I'm now dreaming of:


Love this vintage galvanised wire gym locker from Pigeon Vintage Furniture.  No idea where I'd put it, but I am in love with it completely.


This vintage kitchen cabinet has been mounted on legs & would make a great industrial style shoe locker for our pale French grey entrance hall.  It's from Elemental, who sell antiques  & vintage furniture.


I've also fallen head over heels for this aluminium suitcase, which comes with a mid to late 20th century French label attached!  This would definitely bring something to my bedroom.  I can almost see it now.  [sigh]  This unique piece is from a huge selection at Fontaine, which sources everything from France.


  1. i love that mint locker!! xoxo jcd

  2. Me too! I really want it for a shoe locker for the hall. I think it would look really cool & unique. x