The potential is ripe for the picking

I've always believed I was born to do great things.  That one day, I would change the world.  However, twenty three years in, it appears as though my potential has gone to waste.  Perhaps I locked it away somewhere deep down inside, like a hostage in my own body.

Maybe I'm waiting on the ransom.  Or maybe I just forgot exactly where I hid this potential.  Either way, I need to pull my finger out & do something with it.  If I can't find it, well damn it, I'll simply have to re-create it!

Come hell or high water, I shall achieve something in my life!  Otherwise, what's the point of it all?

From the day we are born we begin a journey towards death.  We are, as I type, dying.  And yet, we seem so fearful of the whole procedure, like somehow, perhaps, we can stop it, if we just try hard enough.  But, we cannot.  We were not made immortal, this is simply the structure of life & we must choose to accept it.  In fact, we should embrace it.

For perhaps if we really did embrace the fact that life is fleeting, that everyday could very well be our last, then perhaps we would live up to our potential.  We would strive to actually do more.  Be more.  See more!

Three hundred & sixty five days go by so fast & before you know it, the years have flown by & suddenly you're twenty, then thirty & then by God, you've reached forty & you still never got round to doing all of those things you set out to accomplish.  Those things that were important to you, to your underlying happiness, but that you put aside to do other things.  The day to day things, which suddenly seemed more important & more importantly, more achievable, at the time.

We're too busy looking at the small parts all the time, that sometimes we completely forget to take a look at the overall picture.

Each day will flow by as naturally as the one before.  The difference a day makes is you.  You can change everything, or nothing in your life, simply by making a choice.  What you will eat for breakfast.  What you will watch on TV.  Whether or not you will even bother to venture outside today.

All the little things that add up to yet another day, a day that is either wasted or used to its maximum potential.

I say rise a little earlier, see a bit more light.  Go for a walk, it's surprisingly enjoyable.  Eat a little better, maybe you'll live a day longer.  But most importantly, cancer, aids, other life-altering ailments or not, remember, you are dying mes amis!  Live now, for tomorrow (or the next day, week, year) you may be gone & what will you have to show for it?

Live, love & most importantly, enjoy it for fuck's sake!

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