Forget work, let us shop!

Decided it was finally time to pull my finger out & go job hunting yesterday.  Armed with ten copies of my pimped out CV, I went out into my yocal town with as much positivity as I could muster.  However, two hours later, with nine copies left & nothing but "no vacancies", my positivity officially died a slow death.

To prevent me from throwing myself into the sea in despair, I threw myself into the comfort of Topshop instead.  I finally bought the rust coloured blouse I've had my eye on.  I'm muchos pleased.  It is one small part of my capsule wardrobe completed!  Hoooplar!  Just a zillian more pieces left to get...

I have also discovered my yocal Primark, which has provided me with some ultimate bargains, including the gold bird ring pictured, another cocktail ring & a thin black plait belt.  All were about £1, even the belt!  Can't deny a bargain my friend.  Also, I must recommend their 100 denier black tights, about £1.50 &  really good!  I paid £8 for some from H&M & these were just as good & ultimately cheaper!  Go buy now!


  1. cute top! love that color :) xoxo jcd

  2. Thank you. The picture doesn't do it justice, it's a really nice rust colour! :) x

  3. your hair is pretty darn awesome. i just had to say.


  4. Haha, thank you. It's appreciated. :) x