Ah to be a man...

With the sudden uprising of male models walking the catwalks sporting the latest womenswear collections, I am bucking the trend & stating that I would love to be a man right now!

The most rediculously good-looking would-be
woman I've ever seen!  (Andrej Pejic)

mrporter.com (the new male version of net-a-porter.com) has finally launched & by Gawd, the website is sooo hot to trot, I am truly jel!

Every section of the site is almost done in a blog-like fashion, making it look chic & enthralling.  I get glued to it for hours,  especially the Stylepedia, Men Of The Moment (essentially a guide to hawt men!) & the Style Council (more hawt men!).

Ah man, if only I had a hawt man shape of my own, preferably one who subscribed to The Sartorialist, shopped at mrporter.com, wore a Rolex Submariner, read Wonderland & whispered sweet nothings in French.  [sigh]  Well, a girl can dream...


  1. oh wow, I heard about this guy Andrej, but hadn't seen him....kind of awkward...he's so pretty.

    Will definitely check out the new site, I like hawt men :)

  2. I know right! Kinda weirds me out that he's secretly packing heat down there!

    Ah, don't we all...bar the lesbians. :)