Selective deafness?

They say misery loves company, but they really must never have been miserable.  There is nothing I crave more right now than solitude.  Complete solitude.  It's not that I don't love my friends, or miss them, but my ability to verbally communicate has entirely eroded, leaving me in this condemned state of mind.

Mr Piggles has been suffering with some random allergy for the past year or so & subsequently, he wont stop scratching his ears (predominantly in the evenings) & occasionally his face, sometimes resulting in the drawing of blood.

We have been to the vets several times with the issue, but no one can determine the specific cause & therefore not much has been achieved.  However, I noticed what appeared to be a growth in one of his ears a little while back, which seemed to entirely cover up his actual ear hole!  As the vet didn't seem to take much concern we left it.

Unfortunately, this has now happened to his other ear & so we drove the hour back to Sevenoaks to see our old vet (favouritism anyone).  This time we saw the surgeon, who basically said Mr Piggles is partially deaf now & if his ears are left untreated, he will essentially go completely deaf!!!

He said the only thing to do is to operate to remove the dead tissue blocking his ear & (worse) create a new small "discreet" earhole on the side of his head!  I ask you!  Have you seen his ears!  This will also not resolve the overall allergy, simply the current ear infection.

Such a nightmare.  The thought of pig going under the knife does not sit well with me, but what choice do I have?

My re-appearance in the Oaks has only made my being by the coast ten million times worse, as I realise how much I am missing my old life.  Being there made me not want to come back.  [small tears]  In light of all the drama I am now relenting to comfort eating.  I have one cupcake left, after I scoffed all the rest & am currently sipping my second coke of the day.

Obesity better bring it!  Aren't fat people meant to be cheery, maybe that's where I went wrong.  Anyway, just the word diet makes me eat twice as much.

Gawd, isn't life a bitch!


  1. im sorry youre feeling down lady! so sad to hear about mr.piggles ears!! i hope that you can do the surgery on him soon and get everything fixed!
    xoxo jcd

  2. Thank you Jillian. I'm feeling much better today. Hoping to have the surgery within the next few weeks, so fingers crossed. x