Shrub love

The interior of our house has nearly entirely been renovated now & there is little more to complete, bar the odd splash of paint & what not.  So now I have been turning my attention to the garden.  I have to admit that I am getting maybe a little too excited about it all.

At the moment the garden consists of, well, mainly mud really.  So it's an entirely blank canvas.  It's quite a large size garden, but an odd L shape.  I'm thinking a mixture of colours & materials & vintage finds darted about the place.  Oooh, I'm getting excited just thinking about it!  (Sad, what, me!? Pffft.)

In the meantime, I've found some pics, whilst mooching around the internetwork, to inspire me.

Bring on Spring damn it!


  1. horray for SPRING! i cannot wait til things start growing again :) love these garden inspiration photos :) the tin cans are cute. xoxo jcd

  2. Me too! It would be nice to see some daylight that isn't marred by rain! x

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  4. Ah, ciao! Grazie for the follow. I am now following you too! :D x