There's a song for every moment

I'm starting to think I just create pity parties for one these days.  As down as I end up feeling, the people around me somehow manage to make me feel better & therefore almost silly that I felt that way in the first place!

It can be hard once you've allowed yourself to fall into a great pit of despair, to heave yourself back up & out into the light.  But the main thing to remember is that, however lonely you feel, you are never alone.  Sometimes you just need to admit your sadness in order to overcome it.

Despite my distance, my friends have shown simply how wonderful they are & how grateful I should be to have them around.

Mes amis, merci beaucoup!

In my quest to find peace of mind last night, a song popped into my brain & I felt inspired to listen to it at once.  I have had this song for many years, as it was played in our house throughout my childhood.  I googled (can you honestly live without google???) the lyrics & y'know, in some cliche moment, it did actually inspire me.

I popped along to youtube & watched a video of the song being performed live.  There were over a thousand comments on it & some as recent as a few days ago.  I read a few & was in actual real life tears at one point!

Some of you may already know this song & for those of you that don't, I am quite literally telling you, if not ordering you, to go onto iTunes (or wherever) & download this track immediately: Something Inside So Strong by Labi Siffre.

If not just to convince you further, Labi, who is english & sixty five years of age now, has written a plethora of songs, some of which have been sampled by Kanye West (Labi's My Song on Kanye's I Wonder), Eminem (Labi's I Got The on Eminem's My Name Is) & he also wrote It Must Be Love, which Madness later used.

Go forth & bring this man's talent back to the forefront of societies brain!!!  I implore you!

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