Suz leant me The Young Victoria on DVD & I finally got round to watching it.  Oh my, I was shedding tears all over the place (am I crying a lot lately or what!?)!  Sooo incredibly romantic.  [sigh]  I think for once I'm actually quite pleased to be single, I feel more inclined to hold out for something a little more special & essentially longterm.  This is most definitely a must-watch!


  1. omg Loveeed this movie! i watched it when my boyfriend was working one saturday, good thing because i was bawling through lots of parts. LOVED albert and emily blunt was perfect as victoria. xoxo jcd

  2. I was sat on the floor with a blanket round me (blind as a bat!), literally sobbed all the way through! Sooo romantic! Actually in love with Emily Blunt now & I'd always been anti Friend, but actually quite fancied him in it! x