Literary genius? I doubt it.

I have decided to once again attempt to write a novel.  Yes, that's right, I am going to attempt to put pen to paper & try to come up with something readable & possibly...enjoyable?  This will be my zillianth attempt, as I always get to, oh, about chapter three & subsequently give up!

But, I am relatively determined & I thought, if I make my attempt public, then it might spur me on during moments of laziness, when I'm about to throw in the towel & press the delete button on the whole damn thing!  Y'know, save myself the red face when asked how I'm getting on & I state "Oh, that, yeah I gave up...again."

In my search to find any old work I had previously started & left unfinished, I came across this poem I wrote the day my dad died.  I had completely forgotten about it & didn't realise I still had it even.  I thought I'd share it, just 'cause I quite like it, in some peculiarly morbid fashion.

I yearn for you, from the depth of my soul
I feel you leave & I know I need to let go
I cannot contemplate life now you're gone
The feeling of emptiness sweeping along
The distance between us will be incomplete
I feel lost & alone, you're forever asleep
How can this be, that you've finally left
Promised me you'd be there & now I'm bereft
I feel an empty hole looming towards me
Ready to swallow me whole & consume me
My emotions are a havoc of confusion & care
For the love of someone, who's no longer there
How can you love someone who no longer exists
The feelings live on, but the body is gone
The soul surrenders the body, but leaves a remain
Memories are never enough to contain
All the emotion that gets left behind
When the one that you love, cannot continue the fight

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