Happy Valentine's Day mes amis!

Ah & so the day of celebrating all that is lovely in the world is once again upon us.  Here & ready to rub its atrocities in my single little face again.  [sigh]  I've had to suffer the indignity of soppy cards, chocolates & flowers in every supermarche & magasin I've visited over the past few weeks, & I for one am glad that it has come & will shortly be going!

However, despite the lack of man shaped love in my life, today has not been a total day of despair.  My dear friend Suz came over & we baked the most scrumptious raspberry & white chocolate cupcakes...ever! Although I may have recently taken the decision to attempt to lose weight & shrink down my ever expanding thighs, I have made an exception on this most cruel of days & eaten two of them already.

Pffft calories schmaleries!


  1. happy valentines day lady, and enjoy those cupcakes! xoxo jcd

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you too my dear! I hope it is a good'un with your man shape! :D x