Summertime & the livin' is easy

Well by Gawd, it's only bloody sunny down here on the East Coast!  Even some warmth has been thrown in for good measure!  I actually existed out in the open without a coat for the first time in, well, I can't even remember when!  Today mes amis, feels like a good day!

Sunshine always makes me feel happy & happiness is exactly what I need right now, as I have decided to attempt to try to maybe eat healthier & give up my high calorie, high sugar diet.  My coke addiction has got way out of hand & my chocolate/general sugar consumption is insane in the membrane.  Essentially leaving me with excess tubby bits & frequent headaches!

I say, enough is enough!  So today for my lunch, I actually survived on an orange & some nuts.  I don't even like nuts!  Surprisingly I didn't go all faint & insane & run for the nearest supermarche, begging someone to feed me chocolate & drown me in litres of Coke.

However, I am now home from work & the spare bottle of Coke in the fridge gave me this knowing look, like 'you want me, I know you want me.'  But I relented.  I said "no Coke, you will not tempt me with your sugary acidic delights!  Not this time."

I just hope for my sake that the sun stays ever present & continues to encourage me to stay uber healthy.  I haven't actually weighed myself since January (don't actually own scales, what's up with that!?), but I can sense that I have put on at least 7lbs.  Therefore I aim to lose at least that, if not more.  I can also sense my impending failure from here.  Damn!

Do you think streaky bacon is friends with Coke?  Hmmm...I may go find out, I did hear he hangs out with ketchup, just something I heard.

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