I'll meet you at the gate

After the rejection of the vintage store, mère & I popped into The Gate a few doors down, which is also full of vintage & restored furniture & decorative accessories.  We purchased a beautiful rose bush in a distressed off-white pot, which was a snip at less than £10!  We also got a few cute mugs & a lavender filled fabric heart.

I like The Gate even more because they let Mr Piggles come shopping too!  One of the owners had her dog Hamish in-store.  Things looked promising for a doggy friendship at first, however, a fight soon broke out & poor Hamish was banished to the back of the store.  Poor Mr Piggles, he's just so picky these days.


  1. aww both of the doggies are cute! i really need a pup... xoxo jcd

  2. Yeah, they look all cute, but secretly they are fierce fighting dawgs! lol You should defo get a pup! Better than a child any day! :D x