I've got that summertime, summertime sadness.

The past week & a half has quite frankly been filled with nothing but stress, work & then to top it all of a bout of sickness.  I am finally feeling a lot better, although not 100% & I have one more day of work (unfortunately in London) & then two days off.  Phew.

Before all this stress began, I had a lovely visit from two of my favourite people, Suz & Miss Wall.  Originally only Miss Wall was going to come over, as Suz had other plans & then they surprised me by turning up together, which made my day.

The weather was unfortunately icy cold, but we strolled down to the Old Town nonetheless & went for lunch at The Greedy Cow Deli, which is by now becoming a haunt of mine.

I decided to try out the Gents Burger this time round.  A combination of beef burger, bacon, black pudding, salt beef slices & I threw in some cheese for good measure.

My stomach was so full I actually nearly died.  We still popped next door for milkshakes afterwards though & then we took a chilly stroll to The Turner Gallery to check out the new installations.

We did a spot of shopping afterwards in town & then unfortunately Suz had to go home.  Miss Wall & I took to our pjs & popped on The Perks Of Being A Wallflower before heading to bed.

In the morning we walked back to the Old Town for a sugary breakfast at The Cupcake Cafe.

I was sad to see Miss Wall go, it was so lovely spending time with both her & Suz.  I'm fully looking forward to celebrating Miss Wall's birthday next Monday though, hopefully the weather will be nice!



  1. That burger? Wow! Makes me tempted to eat meat again ):

    1. They're honestly so delicious & so filling! I can't eat another meal for the rest of the day after one of these!