In order to let go, sometimes you need to be pushed

I would like to pride myself on being somewhat of an open book.  I can't do mysterious (why does Mysterious Girl have to start playing in my head!  I ask you!), aloof or nonchalant (clearly).  But y'know what, I'm cool with that.

If I feel or think something, then I have no objections to communicating this, even if it is to a world of strangers.  If no-one ever spoke out about things, then we'd all be silently going mad, jumping to our own conclusions.  Why do you think Google's so frickin' popular!

If there's something you don't want to hear, then simply don't listen.  If there's something you don't want to read, then turn away.  People have a right to communicate.  Freedom of speech & all that jazz.

I don't think it under par to take to the tinternet to express something that, yeah, maybe you do want to tell the world.  Sod the critics!  Life is about everything from pain to love & everything in-between.  If you can't express that, then what's the point.

Friends know you, they know the deal, but sometimes you don't always wish to hear their opinion.  You already know it before you've even asked for it (& most of the time you don't have to, it's dished out for free) & sometimes, you know they're right, but you're happy being wrong...for now.

Sometimes expressing these emotions to the world can be cathartic.  You know, they know, but nobody knows about the space in-between.

Words can affect people, both verbally & written.  They can resonate.  Strangers can find meaning in things that perhaps don't touch others.  Help can be provided where it wasn't necessarily intended.

There's no shame in saying 'I feel rejected', in the same way as saying 'I feel loved'.

At the end of the day folks
express yourself
 'cause ain't no other fucker gonna do it for you!

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