What a pain in my butt!

I have come to the conclusion that men look so much better with glasses on! Fact! Even David Beckham looks a bit of alright & I can't stand him! Why can't I find a nice shortsighted bloke in need of some help from Specsavers!? [sigh]

Finally got weighed today...Not lost a single pound. Not one pound! So unimpressed! At least I can be comforted by the fact that I haven't gained, but still...It's enough to make me run to the local shop for a pack of chocolate digestives. [sniff sniff]

At least my tannage is looking good. Went for my injection at the docs today & the nurse was like 'is that a real tan!?'. She even made me show my backside to the other nurse in amazement! Ha! I filled them in on my Garnier regime. Think they could be new disciples. Muchos merriment.

Finally found some faux leather leggings in my yocal H&M! Bargain price & I cannot wait to bust them out of the wardrobe...Maybe even tomorrow, as it's my day off...For the first time in TEN days! [yawn]

No rest for the wicked.