Happy Pancake Day
mes amis!

After my initial thought that Pancake Day was last Monday (don't ask me why), I made sure that mother purchased some pre-made crêpes for us to gorge on.  Unfortunately, midway through cooking my second crêpe, it dawned on me I was a tad early on the matter.

So today I made the effort to make some pancakes from scratch.  Four misshapen spoldges later, I have come to the conclusion that Delia Smith lies in her recipes & that shop-bought crêpes are so the way forward!

Lent begins tomorrow!  Not normally a partaker, however, I thought I'd try to comply.  My first idea of attempting to try to give up chocolate for the duration has been thrown out for its sheer lunacy.  As if I could make three days without chocolate, let alone six weeks!  So I have now decided to simply continue with my avoidance of Coke!  Simples.

UPDATE:  So, I still clearly haven't got the hang of this whole thing, as Pancake Day is TODAY!  Seriously, when am I going to remember SHROVE TUESDAY.  TUESDAY damn it!!!  To be honest, I think I'm a bit done with the whole pancake thing now.  But Happy Pancake Day to everyone else who hasn't already been gorging & making themselves feel sick.  Yay!


  1. Pancake day is Tuesday the 8th (Shrove Tuesday) and Lent starts on Wednesday the 9th (Ash Wednesday). Think you might have jumped the gun again :S

  2. crepes are thheee best. ive been craving a nutella crepe lately like whoa. so yah, everyday can be pancake/crepe day. xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  3. Dear Anonymous, thank you. I think you are quite right & I am a moron! I think I'll give up on the whole Pancake idea now.

    Mmmm, Jillian the nutella crêpes they serve in Paris are delish! Although, they always put a bit too much in & then you end up with chocolate hands. Not so good me thinks.