Dîner pour une

Let the healthy eating commence!  Actually ate really well today.  Secretly quite impressed with myself.  Just hoping I can keep it up, y'know, like, forever!  Unlikely, but one can try & damn it, that's what I intend to do!

They say a little bit of what you fancy does you good & it also stops you binge eating out of the madness of being denied it!  So the daily incorporation of chocolate into my diet, is, quite frankly, a must!  I'd like to think it's keeping me on the straight & narrow (I'll ignore those extra biscuits I indulged in yesterday).

Once one has finally obtained a set of scales (sil vous plait mère), I shall be able to see if all my hard (actually is really hard) work has paid off.  The rubbing of one's upper thighs is not something I wanna have to suffer for much longer, believe me!

Keeping me inspired, mère purchased Eat, Pray, Love on DVD & we watched it together ce soir.  I remember going to see it with Kitty Kat last year at the cinema.  Literally days before, I'd decided to pack up & move down here in a bid to radically change my life, along with saving up & pootling off to France for the summer in some bid to find myself. 

I'm pretty sure I cried watching it & I just remember thinking how much it confirmed me wanting to go to France.  Alright, it isn't a year long trip round the world & all that jazz, but it's a start.  Plus, having only really thought of the idea six months ago & having only moved down here three months ago, I don't really have the dollar or the patience to save for an extended period of time now that the idea is in my head.

However, I have come to realise, that what makes me happy is traveling.  Exploring new places, seeing new things, it all excites me to within an inch of myself.  I honestly do want to spend the next six years doing it.  Whether that be a month at a time, or a year at a time.  I'm willing to work hard doing whatever in order to save the cash to go do something...ama-ziiing!

I'm already in a ten day stint at work, averaging about 0-1 day off a week.  It's knackering & the tannage is taking a beating because of it, along with the state of my barnet.  But, it shall be worth it in the end!

Three more months of healthy eating, working hard & maybe throw in a bit of exercise & then it's bon voyage mother fuckers!  Wooop!


  1. that looks so good! i love zucchinis right now :) and YES you should travel soon. make it happen lady! xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams

  2. It was scrumptious! Quite enjoying this 'diet'. Trip fully booked! Deets coming up sooon! :D