Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

So I think I was basically lying to you & myself, when I said I wasn't going to be eating chocolatey goods since breaking Lent. I've been consuming copious amounts on a daily basis & any chance of matchstick legs is slowly dying. Hmph. Well, the heart wants what the heart wants. A triple bypass apparently!

I've been putting in as many hours as possible at work recently, in a last ditch attempt to squirrel away money for France. I have at least chilled out about the whole thing & allowed myself to get uber excited! The thought of sun, exuberant tanning & generally not working for a month is sending me into a tizwaz of giddiness!

The sun has been beaming into the store everyday at work. Honestly, I've been thinking of requesting permission to wear sunglasses, it is so bright & shines directly into my eyes when I'm at the till. Unfortunately, everyone is clearly busy down at the harbour or on the beach to be out shopping, so the store is empty & the day is mundane.

On the upside, the sun has brought out the men shapes! Hooorah! Have spotted a couple of fitty bom bitties dressed rather spiffily in my yocal enviroment. I was actually quite impressed. Perhaps there is a chance for my deserted love life afterall!

Ah, sun & men oggling; life is getting better.

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