Polyvore Fun...

I've reintroduced myself to Polyvore, after more than a year going by since Ellie introduced me to it & I subsequently didn't get it & forgot it. Seriously underestimated the fun that could be had! No wonder she spent so long on it at work...y'know, instead of actually doing her work...

After becoming an obsessive 90210 fan, I have found a style crush in Ivy (Gillian Zinser). I love her laid back Cali style. Her hair is always perfectly waved & sun bleached & she's got the best body, all matchstick legs & perfectly tanned (not tangoed)! [sigh]

When Ellie came down last week for a cruise in her new convertible, I decided to wear an outfit similar to the one above, minus the Chanel (replaced by my grape coloured Mulberry Margaret bag) & bowler hat (replaced by mère's straw fedora. Turns out mothers are handy sometimes).

I have to say I was a complete neek when Ellie said I was resembling 'that girl from 90210' & I excitedly went "Ivy!?'. I was like, yes! That was so the look I was going for! What can I say, I'm a lovable loser.

Regardless, top of my list of purchases has to be a bowler hat, fo sho! Literally want one sooo bad! Just need to track the perfect one down.

Obviously, once I'm rolling in the big bucks a Rolex Submariner will be sitting neatly at the top of that list. [sigh] One day, one day.

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