Retail therapy is a must!

Oooh er, it's not 'alf been a good day today folks!  Busted out the faux leather leggings, threw on some clogs & went to spend some top dollar (mainly mère's to be fair).

In fact, mère purchased me some new kick-ass bed sheets & a beaded throw.  Quite Cathy-esque.  Actually looking forward to bedtime tonight!  Yes, I am that sad.

Took the pig for a walk after our visit to ze shops & the vintage shop was FINALLY open!  Sooo exciting!  They've got some ama-ziiing stuff, including this long cream coat from Paris.  Oooh er.  It was only £60, which I think is defo cheap, but I don't have £60 to spend on a coat right not, due to aventure saving...[sigh]

I did however, find a beautiful vintage scarf, adorned with Parisienne pictures on it.  I thought it was definitely a must-have purchase, especially when I found out it was only £3!!!

The store owner sells her garments on ASOS in their market place too!  So I might have a mooch over there later.  Just in case...

As the scarf is quite small, it has been allocated as a head scarf.  Liking it muchos, thinking it's defo gonna have to be worn in Paris, fo sho!