For all those English roses

Oui Je t'aime Aussi has been running since the beginning of December 2010, when in the gap between being unemployed & moving house, town, life, I finally decided to start up a blog once more.  To express to the world my likes & dislikes, a few loves & to generally annoy people, in that way in which I seemingly do.

In these short few months we have gained readers in thirty seven countries all over the world(!) & today marks our 100th post!  Hoooplar!

Although my dreams revolve around the Parisienne world, I am a proud English girl.  We Brits may have an atrocious Government, a dwindling economy & the misfortune to have bred The Chav, but we also have a stunning countryside, old skool manors & some of the best designers the world has to offer.

To show some of this, I provide you with the following examples:

Barbour Ladies Flyweight Tartan Beadnell Jacket

The Barbour jacket.  De rigueur for the quintessential lady of the manor. 

Mulberry Small Clipper

There is nothing that makes me more proud to be british than Mulberry.  Their bags fill my little heart with bubbles of joy & happiness.  I have wanted to purchase a small weekend bag for quite some time & this is my current crush.

Burberry Prorsum Trench Coat

Ah Burberry.  This luxury English fashion house has been creating beautiful designs for over one hundred years.  It has suffered at the hands of chavs in its time, but nothing says classic more than the Burberry Trench Coat.  Lately it's been jazzy jeffed up, with the addition of leather & studded sleeves.  The price tag is a little steep, but I did hear on the grape vine that Topshop are doing a snazzy lil number very similar.

Hunter & Jimmy Choo

Hunter Wellingtons, as favoured by her Majesty the Queen.  These boots really were made for walking & festivals & well, pretty much for everything these days.  The classic boot has had a bit of a revival of late, mostly thanks to Miss Moss wearing a black pair at Glastonbury one year.  I myself favour the classic & original Green, however, my head has been turned by Hunter's recent cosy-up to Jimmy Choo.  Unfortunately I think Ellie got there first.  Damn!

The one & only Mr Darcy: Colin Firth.  Not only has he recently won an Oscar for Best Actor in The Kings Speech, but he's also darn hawt & most importantly grown on British soil, not from import.  I fell in love with him in Bridget Jones' Diary (my secret shame), but it was cemented when I saw him in the stunning film A Single Man.  Truly the most stylish film...EVER!

So you see, despite some of the tosh we have here in Angleterre, you can't really deny the talent & beauty we have too.  Country manors, old English gents with their old English sensibilities, country walks with our dogs & of course, should you head further into the murkiness of the city, you shall be welcomed by all walks of fashion life in good ol' London town.

I would like to thank all visitors to Oui Je t'aime Aussi, without you, I would really just be boring myself!  I greatly appreciate all comments (feedback is always helpful) & anyone that chooses to follow the blog, either with a Google Account or through Bloglovin, as this makes me muchos happy.  [big smile on face]


  1. congrats on your 100th post!!
    love all these english picks... esp the burberry and hunters! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  2. Did I go somewhere Pierre?

    Merci Jillian! Can't go wrong with a Mac & Hunters are definitely an essential in every woman's (& man's) wardrobe!