Hot to Trot of the week

This week's Hot to Trot is none other than my American lover Bradley Cooper.  [sigh]  He's currently nursing a broken heart after Renée Zellweger kicked him to the curb (what was she thinking!?).  I have to admit I never really got the connection.  I always thought she actually looked her best in the first Bridget Jones' Diary (look, I've already admitted that this is my secret shame), slightly plump & well rounded.  But she lost so much weight & become all muscly, like Madonna.  Never a good look for a woman.

In any case, I'm hoping Mr Cooper meets someone a little more loving & well suited.  If he fancies a bit of British, well, y'know, I'm always here, quietly sitting on the shelf.  In the mean time, I am desperado to see his new movie Limitless.  Looks so friggin' good!

I wonder if the Vue is doing two for one on Wednesdays still...


  1. SMOKIN hot.
    aside from when he was in wedding crashers.. he was too much of a punk.
    what is rene thinking!? xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams
    ps thanks for the sweet comments about my engagement!

  2. True, he was a turd burger in that film. Love him in the Hangover though! Renee seriously needs to sort it out, he is Hot to Trot & she was punching above her weight. Mean but true!

    I'm very excited for your wedding plans!