Things are set to improve...

Today I finally got round to looking at Ellie's itinerary for the French Adventure.  I have made my amendments & am now awaiting her approval.  Once everything has been booked & confirmed I'll be muchos happy & shall finally chillax!  I'll also be able to finally share THE PLAN with you too!  Wooop!
Five weeks baking like a bitch in the sun, is making me go all giddy in the knees.  I'm actually struggling to contain my excitement!

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the current sun exposure I have here & the upcoming gigs I have to look forward to.  Hannah & I are off to see Katy Perry on the 9th of April, where I have VIP tickets at Wembley.  Muchos excitement.  The ex roomie Char will be in attendance too.
Then Ellie & I have tickets to see Uffie in Brighton over the Easter Weekend, when I shall finally be able to drink the devil's juice; COKE!  Wooop!  Recently re-listened to some Uffie tunes & it got me quite excited.

Sir Fleming has just purchased two ticketos to see Tinie Tempah (VIP at Wembley again) in November, for which I am exceptionally excited about!  A very wicked birthday present I dare say!  Tinie's latest track Wonderman is my current obsession.  Literally cannot stop listening to it!  Totally making me want to go out on the razzle dazzle.  [sigh]  I would also like to point out that I love this track despite that girl Goulding being on it.  But y'know, like, whatever...

I have to say, things are currently looking up.  Fingers crossed this happiness is here to stay, along with the sunshine sil vous plait!

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