Guest Blogger - Miss Ellie Dunn aka Haus Of Belles

So my lover from another mother, asked if I would be interested in contributing a post once every couple of weeks..... obviously I have jumped at the chance.

The posts will alternate between a fashion and beauty blog, to the two best 'M's'; Music & Men. Therefore I thought I should start how I mean to go on, with the M category.

The first new tune that I would like to share, is the new one from Friendly Fires, the three boys from St Albans.  I was never really a fan of their biggest hit 'Jump in the Pool' & thought that they only really had an Ellie one hit wonder, which was 'Kiss of Life' (also loved the video for this one).  Therefore imagine my surprise when I heard their new offering...it literally blew me away, goosebumps, shivers, hairs on end...everything!  I feel this is a contender for the soundtrack of the summer & has definitely got me way more excited for seeing them at Benicassim, tan & all.  I will be interested to see what video will no doubt eventually accompany this, but at the moment this is it:

Friendly Fires - "Live Those Days Tonight"

My other selection comes about quite randomly; found this basically unknown DJ from Toronto (home of the amazing MSTRKRFT) called Strava - thank you soundcloud!

Due to him being "unknown" you are able to download his tracks for free and totally legally *yay*.

He has really quite a good few tunes, but my favourite is "Death of Diskotekk"...take a listen, electro really can make you happy...FACT!

Finally my Hott Man of the fortnight; SCOTT DISICK!

I don't care if people think he's an arrogant bastard who has a drink problem & may have cheated on the lovely Kourtney Kardashian.  He is tres hott, self assured, funny & has the best fashion sense ever...(think 80's Miami Vice with English Lord of the Manor)!

Plus any man who can pull off leopard print shoes is A OK with me!

Until next time...

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