Ah mes amis!

Apologies for my absence.  I have been vaguely busy of late, with one thing or another & my ability to create a post has been lacking.

I am however, back & one would hope, better than ever...Although, I am sure, only time will tell.

The sun has finally begun to grace us with its presence, for which I am truly grateful.  Although, the 6:30am wakeup calls every morning, from the sun streaming through my venetian blinds, is somewhat scuppering my chances of a lay in.

This weekend Ellie came down for a visitation, which was rather fabtabulous, as it's probably her first when the sun was actually making an appearance in the area.  We did normal touristy things, like fish & chips down by the harbour, shortly followed by an ice cream & me nearly taking a tumble on the cobbles in my four inch clogs (still hate the word clogs).  Standard really.

We also made an ama-ziiing chocolate tart, courtesy of my most hated of Chefs, Jamie friggin' Oliver.  Eurgh, literally despise him to within an inch of myself.  I'm sorry, but...I do!  Regardless, the recipe looked good & the tart tasted incredible.  Exuberantly chocolatey & packed with so many calories I could literally feel my thighs expanding with every bite!

Talking of thighs, I decided to actually observe Lent this year, as previously mentioned.  I am still Coke free, which feels good.  There have been many tempting & somewhat stressful times when I have been on the verge of giving up, however, I have persevered & not drunk a drop.

I did also attempt to give up chocolate for the duration, however, after nine days I caved in & went to the supermarche to buy a bar.  Rather annoyingly it wasn't as comforting as first thought & I felt a bit gutted that I hadn't been stronger.  But hey ho, bar the aforementioned tart, I am now at least eating it less frequently, which must be good for my waistline, surely!

I haven't dared weigh myself though, especially as to get through my chocolate cravings I consumed copious doughnuts & sticky toffee puddings.  I'm making up for it now though, with a much healthier, fruit & nut packed diet, with just a hint of cocoa on the side.

One can only hope I shall be matchstick thin by the time we go to Europe for the Big European Adventure!  That's if I can get enough money together in time...It's not looking good so far...Hmmm.

To the fridge I go!  A slither of chocolate tart is calling at me, in its attempts to sooth my money woes.

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