Grey times

After months of putting it off, I have finally managed to update my CV, which has not seen the light of day for well over three years!  It was tough, not gonna lie, but I pulled through & now have a decent résumé to present to the world.

I thought that would be the hardest part, but actually finding jobs seems to be harder!  [humph]  Just as you get over one hurdle, you are faced with another one, seemingly higher.  Dayumn!

My long awaited Topshop purchases have had to be put on hold [small tears], as an evil little stone decided to throw itself at my windscreen on my way to work the other day & create a chip.  This seemingly innocent but equally annoying chip then grew to a massive crack & I am now required to have my car windscreen replaced!  This is now taking nearly half my shopping budget!  Grrr!

In the meantime, I finally found an ama-ziiing salon in town & went in for a consultation.  Appointment now booked for next week!  Muchos excitement afoot!  I shall finally be as grey as an old laydee!  However, the cost of this transformation is ALL of the money I have left!  Leaving me nothing for my much needed clothes!

I'm now going to be impoverished for the next few weeks (months, years), but at least I can take comfort in my mane.  [sniff sniff]

Along with shelling out for a new car windscreen, I am now prepping myself to send off my shattered iPhone.  The thought of being without it for weeks is rather alarming.  No Facebook, no Twitter...not even email!  I'll be going back to basics.  It's a harsh reality.

On a happier note, my fleshy bits are now a few shades darker, thanks to my recent purchase of Garnier's Skin Naturals Summer Body Moisturising Lotion.  Literally tanned up within an hour of its application & I smell fruity fresh.  Oooh yeah!

Bring on the sunshine bitches!

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