I don't fear change, I just dislike it!

After my dad died (just over a year ago), I made some unspoken promise to myself to change everything in my life, in some misguided attempt to deal with the things happening in my life at the time.

I broke up with The Ex (hence providing him with his current name), despite having been with him for two & a half years & proclaiming to both sets of in-laws that, yes, we were probably going to wed at some point (possibly when we'd both hit puberty...I mean maturity...).

I left my mère's side for the first time...ever(!), unfortunately abandoning Mr Piggles in the process (poor parenting skillz right there!) & went to live with my friend Charlotte, in her flat in the Wells.

I wasn't the best with the men shapes, going from one disaster to another, mainly caused due to my inability to let one thing finish before starting another.  I'm not gonna lie, patience was never my virtue!

I was working six days a week & never spent much time at home, as there was always something to do & someone to see.  I went out every weekend, either to the yocal or Brighton with Ellie.

But, in the end, nothing seemed to make me truly happy & once mère had moved down to the coast, I barely saw her!  When the cracks started to show, I felt more alone than ever.  So, in a bid to rescue myself, I, with the encouragement of mère, packed up my job, said goodbye to Charlotte & the Wells & trundled over to the seaside to be reunited with Mr Piggles, with the intention to save for some big French adventure!

When I look at the big picture, I can see it was the right decision & that I have improved my life.  I'm no longer working 24/7 & actually have time to do the things I love.  But giving up my social life has been the hardest thing.

Being so far away from my friends is really difficult & I'm not gonna lie, I'm frickin' lonely over here! [waving avidly]  I honestly don't think I've spent so much time at home before & I may start to go gaga (quite possibly whilst listening to Gaga)!  My social life has decreased from 5-6 nights a week, to 1-2 times a month.  Hooopflaminglar!

If I have a rant or post something odd, it may possibly because I have far too much time on my very bare hands!

I shall just have to take solace in my hole, which is becoming my sanctuary & the thought of a Nando's tomorrow.  Nothing beats a Nando's dag nab it!

What's that, another day off...Damn straight!

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