Lethargy really is a bitch!

I honestly don't think I've ever been so exhausted in all my days!  I have become a complete insomniac & although I have been making the effort to rise before noon, I am now unable to sleep at night!  [yawn]

I expect the constant internetwork trawling hasn't been helping.  Although, this has now been put on the slow go due to the broadband reception struggling against the wind to reach my pit/office.  Missing the last ten minutes of Glee because the internet refused to cooperate, pushed me to breaking point.  I had visions of throwing the MacBook out of the window!

Thankfully I did manage to control my primordial instincts to shut down & attempt to sleep instead.  Unfortunately sleep is avoiding me & the bags under my eyes are getting bigger & bigger.  I wont even need a suitcase for France!  Hand luggage anyone!?

All this lack of sleep is making me revolt against my new year healthy diet & making me crave high-sugar, high-fat, high-calorie food!  I have also been wavering against breaking one of my New Year's Resolutions...Drinking of the devil's drink - coke!

I now have work all over the weekend, causing me to miss my beloved Everything Everything gig in the Wells.  [small tears]  The temptation to drink the black stuff will be strong, but alas, I must be stronger!!!  I already caved in the supermarche this lunchtime, when I wondered into the seasonal isle.  Can't believe they have Easter Eggs in January!  January for Christ's sake!

I may have purchased two bags of mini Cadbury's caramel eggs...& ate them...all!!!  Not to mention the share-size bag of Walker's Sensations...Clearly need some slim inducing sleep pronto, before my waistline starts to have bags of its own too!!!

Let's go have a Mr Piggle's accompanied snuggle!

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