My new love

After visiting cornflake dreams, they have pushed me in the direction of The Vamoose, a website selling handmade jewellery. 

The company is run by Kathryn Blackmore who designs & makes everything in the UK.  Their pieces are inspired by natural history, a growing collection of vintage finds & an exploration of traditional crafts with modern influences.

cornflake dreams are currently giving away a piece of jewellery from The Vamoose range to one lucky person.  I would like to apply, however, my inability to comment on things is somewhat spoiling this opportunity!  Dayumn!

However, I am now in love with this citrine drop necklace!  Apparently citrine is supposed to be a success stone bringing you prosperity.  I'm thinking I need this in my life!  Plus it's only £29.00.

The Vamoose also have a really good blog, which I shall be following from now on!  Check it out!


  1. thanks for the bloglove! :) that is one of my favorite pieces too! you have a lovely blog-- now following!! xoxo jcd

  2. Hiya, I've finally fixed my commenting issues! Thank you for the follow, I really like your blog too! :) x