The ramblings of an irate woman

Isn't life really crap sometimes!  I guess there has to be some bad times in order to actually appreciate the good times.  I mean, if it was good all the time, you wouldn't even know it, as you'd have nothing to compare it with.  We'd simply be flat lining.

I feel my head's in a jar of pickles at the moment & I'm inebriated with stress!  I would like to think that even in my rage filled state of mind, I could be capable of finding the door to happiness.  One would hope so anyway.

In the meantime, I have at least been broadening my culinary skillz.  Through the inspiration of Nigel Slater, via his Simple Suppers series, I made (from scratch, I would like to add) lamb & onion boigers, on a bed of garlic pesto & Italian salad with a hint of tomato & a slice of goat's cheese, lovingly hugged in a ciabatta roll, fresh from the oven.  Not forgetting the bangtidy potato wedges on the side.  I was secretly quite impressed by myself, not gonna lie.

Hopefully some organisation will bring back my inner happiness.  That & a Nando's!

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