Too early for a Spring clean?

I have actually been making good on one of my resolutions, through daily, yes daily(!) exercise!  I have been accompanying the mère on Mr Piggle's daily walk into town & back (he likes the shops, true story).  I can almost feel my thighs shrinking as we speak!

I have even been making sure to make the most of my lunch hour (when I do actually go to work, a seemingly rare occurrence), by walking the 10 minutes to the local supermarche.  Although, I'm sure the pork pie (my current obsession, actually ama-ziiing with sweet chili dipping sauce!  Swear down!) & handful of Cadbury's caramel eggs are not assisting in the thigh shrinking.  Damn it!

I am aiming to be exceptionally productive this month (let's see if it can stretch to the year...pfft, who are we kidding), in fact, this very eve I shall be attempting to work out how to sell shizzle on eBay, so I can finally get rid of my (not gonna lie) pink wrought iron single bed & some ceiling lights that have been taking up room...well...everywhere!!!  Any takers please come forth with cash (for shoes) in hand.  Merci.

During a late night Facebook stalk peruse, I had the great displeasure of witnessing The Ex with The Replacement having a gay ol' New Year's Eve time with the in-laws out in New York.  Couldn't just go to London, no?  I'm not gonna lie, try & big myself up, there were tears.  Small hot ones.  However, after much rage I have come to the ultimate conclusion that, as I in no way would like to have The Ex back, it is time to get a grip & move the hell on!

Immediate blocking of the pair has been put into action, which has already made me feel slightly more content.  I want to be able to look him in the eye one day & say (possibly through gritted teeth), "I'm happy that you're happy" but only if I can be ten times happier than he'll ever be!  I think that's a fair compromise.

In between all of this hatin' on, I have actually managed to hit the shops for the first time in FOREVER!!!  Got me some bargains!  Wooop Wooop!!!  Topshop & I should never be parted really, bar chocolate, I might as well be on a Topshop IV drip in order to actually survive!

The clogs (not a great fan of that name really, reminds me of gnomes for some reason) were £10!!!  The other heels were £15 & the jersey was £12.99 (H&M, my bit on the side).  Can't deny it really!

Unfortunately, I'm actually really short on everything but shoes, so bar the top, I don't think I've really helped myself out here really...Hmmm...Meh, shopping is shopping.  There's nothing I like more in life than spending money, except spending other people's of course!

Now, let's hit up my bitch eBay & get me some more dollar to spend!!!  I got me some new cloth to buy!

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