After six long hours in the hair salon, my barnet is finally GREY!

Now, there are two things to remember here, before the thoughts & any obligatory comments kick in.

1.  I did not ever say it was going to be as dark as the paint on my wall.  I had an Ellie Goulding grey in mind.
2.  They said they can darken it & make it more grey if I want.  However, after six hours, I was ready to go home & snack on high sugar, high calorie produce!

So stop your bitchin', I know what you're like!


  1. Thought you weren't an Ellie Goulding Fan??... You clearly want to be her tho! ;)

    Looks aiiiight yeah bruv!! this coming from someone who's colour blind ha.

    Jason x

  2. Just to be awkward, I'm replying on here.

    Dont moan about Goulding!!


  3. i LIKE it. you can pull of the grey v well! xoxo jcd

  4. I think it's très jolie, Porritt! Bisous xxx