Fancy a date? I prefer apricots

The plans for our French adventure are slowly taking shape & I must say, I am tres excited!  The proposed leaving date is currently set as the 25th of June, giving Ellie & I a week to drive to Eurockéennes in Malsaucy, near Belfort.  I'm hoping for a superbangtidy lineup!

We'll also be traipsing over to Benicàssim, Spain, to hit up Festival Internacional de Benicàssim (otherwise known as FIB or Benicàssim) around the middle of July.  Sun, sea & musik, what more could you ask for really!  Although, I will admit now, that I have in previous years been a little hasty in my negative opinion of the lineup, but Ellie has successfully managed to change my mind on the matter!

The main things that have been exciting me during our arrangements have been the thought of beautiful French men, ama-ziiing food [drooling as we speak], wine tasting & bicycle rides.  Oooh er, I'm getting hyper just typing it!

Ellie & I have already been discussing our French 'capsule' wardrobe.  The Topshop wish list just keeps getting longer & longer!  I think we're going to need to take a trailer just to carry our clothes & shoes!  I mean, I struggle to pack for a week away, let alone a month, if not longer!

Essentially, at this present moment, I have come to accept that I shall simply have to be impoverished & socially deprived for the next five months in order to have the most ama-ziiing summer...quite possibly...EVER!  However, I think all the best things are worth making sacrifices for!

In the meantime, I have the Everything Everything gig to look forward to next weekend with Ellie, back in the Wells.  Hoping I can get the Sunday off work to spend time with my gone but not forgotten besties, Kitty Kat & Ms Warner!  The longer I am away from my friends the more socially inept I seem to become!  I need rescuing sharpish, before I forget how to communicate altogether!

I'm definitely not going to be able to sleep with all the excitement!  Thankfully I don't have work until Thursday...Part-timers, pffft!

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