Bluebird has flown the coop!

So, after investing some time & effort, the man shape I met upon venturing out to my yocal with Ellie, is now in a relationship...Just not with me!  I feel discarded like a cheap biscotti!  Clearly I wasn't worth the effort after all.

The identity of the victor has not been revealed, but I have my suspicions.  If I am correct in my thinking, I would like to know why these men keep choosing girls with hideously cheap names!?  I would like to think a name is not just a name, it's a good sign of intention.

One does try not to care, however, the obvious feelings of concern do creep in; Is there something wrong with me?  Will I always be alone?  Am I a freak?  Y'know, the usual.  I guess hand on heart I would quite like a man shape in my life, but normally once I procure one, I shortly come to realise that actually, I didn't want one after all.

Or perhaps it is simply the case that I didn't pick the right one in the first place.  But it's hard to know who's going to be right, when you're attracted to...well...pretty much anyone with a package & a pulse!  I have at least come to realise that, unless I wish to rip their clothes off upon sight, it's probably not gonna work out.

Unfortunately, this rule of thumb has still come undone in the past, but I do think that a relationship stands much more of a chance by sticking to it in the first place!

Helping me get over my dating disaster, my good friend Peter came for a visitation & whisked me off for an emergency Nando's!  I've never seen it so busy!  I honestly didn't think that many people existed in my vicinity!  Could the unemployment rate be so low that, sacre bleu, people are actually at work during the day when I normally am out!?

I would like to point out that a considerable amount of those diners were really dressed up.  Therefore they either hit up Nando's before a night out (standard), or Nando's is their equivalent of a night out.  I'm undecided, more research required!

Aside from my Nando's obsession, Peter did manage to inspire me in regards to work, (which I am desperately in need of), so I have now applied for several jobs, but one in particular.  I am keeping my cards most firmly to my chest, just in case I am rejected like a sugary snack all over again!

But do wish me bonne chance sil vous plait!  Merci!

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