Weird Couple Alert

Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy

So today Kate Hudson announced that she is ENGAGED to Matt Bellamy.  Why!?  WHY!?  Seriously, Kate is AMA-ZIIINGLY hawt & yet, she chooses this fug tastic guy who quite frankly produces SHIT music!  [being pelted by Muse fans]

It was bad enough when she declared him her baby daddy, but now she's marrying the guy.


SOOO disappointing!


  1. o wowzah engaged already?!!? ugh. at least it isnt A-rod. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. Yep, although, I can remember her being on the Graham Norton show a lil while back, pretty much stating it wasn't gonna happen...Guess it did! A-Rod is sooo NOT hawt! How does he keep getting all the laydees...& then turning them into muscly beasts! x