We're off the see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of OZ...

Apologies in advance for lack of posting, as my bag is packed for my departure to Brighton tomorrow, to see her ladyship, Miss Eleanor.

Tomorrow night we shall be enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend by taking a visit to our favourite establishment, The Gunn.  Where we are hoping to have a late night Pimms O'clock & snag some local totty in the process.

Come Friday evening we shall be heading over to the Concorde2 (where many a problematic night we have had) & seeing the beloved Uffie perform.  This is a rare UK appearance & therefore muchos exciting!

By Saturday morning I'll be dragging myself out of bed, driving back down here & going into work.  Oh joy.

However, Sunday is finally EASTER & I shall FINALLY be able to drink Coke again!  Oh how my teeth have loved not being eroded by the acidic delights of a cold can of Coke.  But alas, it's shall soon be back on the scene to inflict dental atrocities!  Hooopflaminglar!

À Bientôt mes amis!

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