You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream...

Managed to actually retain some semblance of a life this weekend, for which I am truly grateful.  Hannah & I  drove down to Wembley (well, Hannah drove & exceptionally well I might add, didn't get lost once!) last night to see Katy Perry live at Wembley Arena.

Due to my greatness (oh & that Barclaycard I happen to have tucked away), we managed to queue jump (not that there particularly was one) & head straight for the VIP lounge, to chillax before the main event with a vodka & orange (no coke for me sil vous plait).

I wasn't greatly impressed by the under sexteens (anyone under the age of 16) that seemed to be EVERYWHERE!  Especially in the VIP lounge.  In fact, considering it's officially called the Unwind Lounge, I do not feel it lived up to its name with the amount of infants parading around.  Standards people, standards!

Bar the kiddie partay, I was greatly impressed by the lady herself.  In fact, I was quite enamored of her.  Costume changes, storyline, trapeze artists, confetti cannonballs, mini firework displays...You name it, she pretty much had it & I wont lie, I liked what she had.

I did really like her first album & then only really bought a few tracks off the second one.  In fact, if I'm honest, I wasn't that fussed about seeing her, even when I bought the tickets, but I'm so glad I went.  I'm also now in love with her new track E.T.  Which I wasn't so keen on when I first heard it.  I will admit that I have now purchased it...In spite of the fact that Kanye West is on it & I despise him!

Not a big fan of the video, but you gotta admit, after a few listens the song does seem quite catchy.  No?

Essentially, if you like the Perry, I would defo recommend stumping up the cash & going to see her.  Go, NOW!

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