Shopping? Who, what, me? Nooo...

So, due to the 20, yes TWENTY, degree heat we are currently experiencing, I couldn't bare to stay in the house & do chores.  So, instead, & this is rather dangerous, I thought I would go & check out the sales.  I restrained myself to the best of my ability, however, I did come out with a couple of sneaky purchases.

Ellie, these weren't necessarily essential, but they were BARGAINS & therefore were very hard to resist.  I am back to putting away every available penny now...Promise!

I've had my eye on the semi-precious stone ring for a substantial amount of time, but due to saving, thought it best to refrain.  In fact I nearly bought it the other week when I had a gift card, but spent the money on a top instead.  Kinda thought that would be more useful.  So glad I waited.  The ring was originally £10.00 from Topshop & I got it today in the sale for £3.50!  BARGAIN!  Plus it was the last one, which was clearly a sign that I should totally buy it!  Right?  I'm right here aren't I?  Just say yes.

The necklace, also from Topshop, holds a salmon coloured semi-precious stone (loving the semi-precious stones right now) & was reduced from £12.50 down to £3.50.  Again, BARGAIN!  I have one of these already with a clear stone, but when you find something you like, you might as well get it in every colour, right?  Seriously, just say yes.  Indulge me here.

The skirt was a H&M find.  £5.00 down from £14.99.  It reminded me of Christopher Kane's Galaxy Skirt, which I was in love with.  Not 100% sure how I'm gonna style it, but I love it.

Overall, I have SAVED £25.49!!!  That's gotta count for something here...Right!?


  1. o wowzah! im impressed girl you found some great things! LOVE the skirt!! xoxo jcd

  2. Thank you. I think for £12.50 I did pretty well! x

  3. I love the necklace! Great stuff you got!

    Why the unfollow, my lovely? Just wondering. I am not trying to grab followers, but, maybe I can try to make it better? x

  4. Thank you. You should run to Topshop now whilst they still have them. They had a great selection & all uber cheap! Which is what we like...especially when saving mulla.

    I am still following you, promise! I edited my profile & my settings & it might have changed it. I'll go take a look now. :) x

  5. Oh, it's back up! Ha ha, I got worried for a second! Thanks for the reassurance, though. It was really nice of you.

    But once again, lovely post. I do in fact think a little trip to Topshop is in order ;) x

  6. That's okay, any time. Thank you for your support as well! :)

    I do like to encourage shopping at all times! :) x