Man Shape Guest Blogger - Sir Peter Fleming

So here I am, back again.  Thanks to all in the blogosphere who found (& are still finding) time to click & read my previous missive.  Also many thanks for the faith shown in me, by your usual host.

With summer nearly upon us, thoughts turn to long lazy summer afternoons filled with Pimms, cricket et tous les!  For persons of the male persuasion however, this is the season that can potentially lead to the greatest sartorial faux pars & social embarrassment.  Whilst I in no way am attempting to set myself up as any kind of expert on the subject, I hope I can impart on you ,some of the greatest lessons in styling I have learnt over the last ** years...

To begin, here are five core male pieces for the summer months:

1.  The Straw Hat

2.  The Grey Suit

For the summer, the weight of the cloth is obviously key & remember, when buying double breasted, it is no longer the 80's!  Structure = Good.  Big shoulders = Bad.

3.  The Classic Polo

Clearly unbranded is best, Uniqlo, Zara or Gap.

4.  The Swimming Trunk

No man should EVER wear any swimwear smaller than the classic Y front.  The best bet in most cases being the trunk.

5.  The Summer Scarf

Mark my words, these will be everywhere this season!

And finally, if you're a gentleman in search of one look for summer, or a lady trying to drag an errant partner into something approaching stylish, head straight for our friends at mrporter.com & their article 'Alfresco Appropriate'.  My choice...Cleary.


  1. oh my God, i LOVE the flower print shirt on Alfresco Appropriate! ha!

  2. The Jil Sander one? I would think it would take a brave & rather dashing man to pull that shiz of. But I like it! :) x

  3. yes that one! i think it's incredible! only someone ream lol...

  4. well h has a straw fedora.. it's a start ;) xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams

  5. You see, he's already a fifth of the way there! Just think, a few more additions & he could be the most stylish fiance/husband (never know how long this may take) ever! x